What is the purpose of this website? 🎯

This site aims to share the evolution of research on sensory processing in autism.

What resources 📚 can I find?

You will find a presentation of the current studies and the conditions of participation. The news of the research project is also shared in a dedicated section.

Articles, infographics and a toolkit on sensory processing in autism are offered in the scientific blog section.

I am on the spectrum🎗

We offer participatory research. People concerned are in the best position to inform us about the research issues on this subject. Their place in this project is, therefore, essential.

If you wish to contribute to this project you can contact us (in contact section below).

A member of my family or a relative is on the spectrum

You can contribute by participating in our ongoing studies.

I am a professional providing treatment, support or diagnostic assessments to people on the spectrum

We can partner to facilitate communication between the clinical field and research. Dialogue between professionals and researchers is essential to advance autism research and thus improve the quality of life of the people concerned.

Partnerships can be established with hospital services, associations, health centres and independent. You can contact us by writing in the contact section below.

I am a student

We recruit interns to participate in the research project.

We mainly welcome students in psychology (developmental, cognitive or neuropsychology speciality) interested in specializing in research.

If you wish to apply, please get in touch with us through the contact section below.

I am a researcher

If you want to share on this research theme, you can contact the team through the contact section.

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